Types of Weed You Can Buy Online

At BC Pot Express, not only are we all about providing our customers with the highest quality and purest weed, we also want to offer them up options. No two people are alike and when it comes to weed, they have different tastes and requirements.

Whether it is for medical or recreational use, weed provides a whole host of benefits. However, in order to obtain the benefits, it is important that you buy weed online in the variety that suits you and your particular needs.

The great thing about being able to buy weed online is that you can bring up the information relating to the weed you are considering buying right on your screen. In the past this information was not so readily available, as most people had to buy weed covertly. Thanks to being able to buy weed online, retailers can offer customers all of the information they need.

To demonstrate the type of information that is available, as well as all the options we have, we are going to have a look at some of the products that we sell here on BC Pot Express. That means that you can make informed decisions when you buy weed online.


Sativa is a grouping of cannabis plants, varieties of which you can purchase when you buy weed online. Varieties of sativa are said to have a more invigorating effect and can give the customer more energy and focus.

Many use sativa in social gatherings or to induce creative flow. In fact, some people believe it has a similar effect to drinking a cup of coffee. This type of weed has also been known to be an effective treatment for some types of depression, if it has been prescribed by a doctor or naturopath.

Some of the Sativa options that we have here at BC Pot Express include White Widow, Dynamite, Grapefruit Diesel, and Island Sweet Skunk.


Indica is the other grouping of Cannabis plants that are out there. This is generally seen as the more psychoactive strain of cannabis and will induce a restful state of mind or sleepy effect.

It is popular for people to smoke Indica before bedtime, or when they have time to rest. Some doctors or naturopaths recommend it to treat anxiety, insomnia, or decreased appetites, however you should always get a healthcare professional’s opinion before you buy weed online to treat these ailments.

At BC Pot Express, we have the following Indica strains, and more, available for you to buy weed online: Kiwi Kush, Afghani Kush, God Bud, and Shiskaberry.


Lastly, at BC Pot Express, we also sell hybrid products. These are strains of Sativa and Indica that are crossbred to create balanced flowers. This allows the customer to get the best of both worlds when they buy weed online. Check out our selection of hybrids, such as Critical Magic or Rock Star Kush, on our website, or contact us to inquire more about them.

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